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About me

Graciela Barilari Hermosid

Graciela Barilari Hermosid

Welcome to my world …

I present some of my work, both in painting and photography.

My CV orient you on my artistic career.

I have the intention to attract you with my photos and paintings and share some aspects of my view …..

The canvas textures and the camera with his power to “steal” the Creation, Divine Intimacy few seconds ….

We learn to see …. a second look ….. or not we grasp the artistic WIFI …. we have or do not have coverage?

Feel … outline … global vision … analysis of the colors … the reason for each color and its location in the artistic space ….

We enjoy a lot of these concepts!!

Everything is “there” for some reason ….

Because we like something? … For some reason we are complicit in our subconscious ways ….

I would love to connect with you …. I’m interested in your opinion and criticism …. training too.

I feel that art is everywhere ….. analyze …. ART can transform everything around you!! have power … to make your world a place where everyone wants to live ….

We catch the moment … feel your message …. involucremonos in those sensations so vibrant and full of life!

ARE INVITED to my space … my world would say Saint Exubery! … And we are not virtual ….. HERE AND NOW!

Meanwhile I continue with my three “D”, dedication, discipline and determination …. this is one example that has conveyed a very dear C. M.

With all my affection

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